Mecatabasco Parish once part of larger Western Juchipila Provincia 

Mecatabasco - Some Backround

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Mecatabasco is noted in records between 1543 and 1550, but in 1583 was known as Santa Maria de Mecatabasco, and part of the greater Juchipila Provinicia at this time.
Current day, it is 1 of 58 Municipalities of the State of Zacatecas, and was considered apart from the Juchipila Provincia in 1824, and considered a municipality. In 1832, it changed it title to Villa del Refugio.  Prior to this some of those from this area are found in Ameca, Villa del Refugio, and Villa Garcia de la Cadena records.  In 1938, it was named Tabasco.
Mecatabasco was considered a very stable community, and by the year 1673, had a church that could take care of the local community.
The economy in early days was primarily agriculture and livestock farming, but present day economies include candy factories and gunpowder factories.