My name is Lee Ingram, and I am the moderator and admin of this website.  I do not have any direct ties to Mexico, although my wife does. Her family is originally from Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, and prior to this her family lived in Spain.
Some of my grand-children do have ties to Jalisco and also the Zacatecas area.  
My interest in the Juchipila Provincia comes from researching the very old 1500-1600 era Renteria families, some who have ties to both Nuevo Leon and Zacatecas, including Juchipila.  
I also have known several families in the Arizona towns of Globe and Miami, which I spent a portion of my youth in, and some of these families do have ties to the old Juchipila Provincia, hence my interest in hosting this website.
This website has been created to assemble as much genealogy related info (or once related) for the provincia of Juchipila. This once large provincia began in 1548 and remained intact until at least 1786.  
The provincia of Juchipila once extended to areas as follows:
North to include Villa Gutierrez del Aguila (now Villanueva). 
West to include Juchipila, Aposol, Jalpa, Huanusco, Mecatabasco.
South to include Moyahua and Real del Oro (now Mezquital del Oro)
East to include Nochistlan, Apulco, and the Valle de Huejucar/Calvillo.  
Juchipila was surrounded by Zacatecas (in 1546), Jerez (in 1536), Tlaltenango (in 1542), Lagos de Moreno (in 1563), Cuquio[Tlacotlan] (in 1530), Guadalajara (in 1542), and Aguascalientes (in 1575).
Note: The dates these areas were considered populated and named are subjective, and various sources differ on dates. Placed here for general reference only.
Included below is a map of the area that Juchipila once encompassed.  The file attachment names the towns that at least through the year 1772 were once considered a Jurisdiction of the region known as Juchipila.
Juchipila Jurisdicton 1576-1772

Unfortunately many of the records that were included in this jurisdiction are not available. I have not yet researched as to why, but suspect a mixture of some just not being digitized yet, and other records may have been destroyed due to war/fire/weather etc.

In order to provide alternatives to assist researchers, this site is attempting to assemble surviving records, such as Padrons (Censuses), Marriage dispensations, Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths, Land, Wills, and Marriage records.  

Where records are available and indexed the thought is to provide links to these records, as available. 

Where records are not yet indexed (mainly padrons, confirmations and wills), the thought is to begin indexing these records.

This is a long term project, and will take years to assemble, but again the goal is to assist reconstructing some families that live, or may have lived in the old Juchipila Jurisdiction.