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Juchipila was noted in early Spanish records beginning in 1532, and churches were noted in this area as early as 1627.  The Juchipila area was known as a provincia early on (beginning in 1548) and the territory was much larger then current day (see "About Us" on menu bar for more info of the areas once included). 
In 1821 Spain withdrew from Mexico and recognized Mexico as an independent country. 
In 1825 Juchipila became one of the original 11 partido's of Zacatecas. Shortly after this the area known as Juchipila continued to shrink in size, losing it eastern territories to Aguasclientes and then the Northern territory of Villanueva.  Nochistlan was separated in 1852. 
Partidos were abolished in 1916, and Juchipila was divided into the municipalities of Apozol, Juchipila, Moyahua, and Mezquital del Oro. Most of these towns already had major parishes, and all were already well established.  
Juchipila now has just over 12,000 inhabitants, and continues what it did early on with farming and raising cattle at the forefront of the economy. There is a large group of Juchipila area families living in the United States, and a fair amount of money from these families is sent back to Juchipila, further assisting the economy.