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Have started to transcribe the 1841-1843 Juchipila Census (Padron). 
The census is noted as the year 1843 in the Familysearch folder on image 614 of 1125 and is noted as Caja 37, Exp 10. 
The census appears to have actually started in 1841 (probably late in the year), as noted on the top of image 616 of 1125.  The census is 74 pages long. 
The first page of actual data notes the year 1841, and the last page is dated 31 January 1843. 
This likely means the majority of the census info is likely from the year 1842. 
The census ended up recording 5,532 individuals (4,331 adults and 1,201 chilrden). 
Besides the actual town of Juchipila, other towns noted in this census are: San Sebastian, Animas, Barrio de Abajo, Amotochil, San Nicolas, Tapias, Mesquitera, Por el Otro Lado del Rio, Caballeria, Labor, Aposol, San Miguel, and Coscomita.
The census can be viewed in the menu bar, listed under Census (ages), as long as you are a registered user, which is free. The need to register is only used to prevent spammers from easily accessing the site with garbage information. A Web Link to the actual web page can also be selected from each census record.
When this transcription for this census is finished, a file download link will be provided in .pdf format.