Jalpa (Xalpa) Parish once part of larger Western Juchipila Provincia 

Jalpa - Some Backround

By Lee Ingram |
Jalpa (Xalpa) is a very old town that is noted as early as 1532 in Spanish records, with a church erected as early as 1542.  Unfortunately a limited number of parish records survive or have been made available online. The oldest records that I have come across are land records from 1694-1696, some of which have some genealogy value.  
Jalpa Parish records include baptisms starting in 1909, confirmations starting in 1880, matrimonial marriage info starting in 1864, deaths starting in 1914, and marriages records from 1827-1838 , and then from 1913.   
Civil records basically start in 1884-1885, which include births, deaths, and marriages.
Some of the oldest family records available are census (padron) records, although Jalpa did not provide ages in any of these censuses.  The oldest census known started in 1820, and various older census records end around 1842. Included is a file attachment that includes the links to various older censuses.