Apozol (Aposol) Parish, once part of Juchipila Parish which was part of larger Western Juchipila Provincia 

Apozol (Aposol) Some backround

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The area known as Apozol (Aposol) originated in 1554, and is noted mainly in older Nochistlan records, and some records are also found in nearby Juchipila.  
Baptism records for Apozol exist starting in 1855 and can be found at familysearch.org.
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When browsing through Marriage records, there are many folks originally from Jalpa (Zacatecas), Calvillo, and Nochistlan, in addition to Juchipila.  Some Juchipila census records include the area called San Miguel de Atotonilco, which is now included in the Jurisdication of Apozol (Aposol).
Link to 1813 Juchipila Census/Padron de San Miguel de Atotonilco - Apozol