Juchipila Parish once part of larger Western Juchipila Provincia 

Tips for Researching in Juchipila Parish

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I am the admin of this website, but also a researcher of Juchipila parish and Juchipila provincia.

A recommendation with all genealogy is to find out what you can from your direct family, i.e. Mother-Father, Aunts-Uncles, Maternal-Paternal grandparents.  This will likely establish a baseline of where you may need to focus your research.

When researching in Mexico, it is best to start out with Parish records, if possible. In 1860 Civil records became available, and these are also instrumental in researching Juchipila area families.

A listing of Juchipila Parish records and Juchipila Civil Records that are available are listed in the following link:

Juchipila Parish Link

Besides the standard, Juchipila baptism, marriage, and death records, the 1844 confirmation records is a very good resource, with many older listed, some dating back to at least the 1780's. These records also provide parentage, due to parish record not being available in the 1700's and early-mide 1800's.

Juchipila 1841-1843 Census (Padron)

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Have started to transcribe the 1841-1843 Juchipila Census (Padron). 
The census is noted as the year 1843 in the Familysearch folder on image 614 of 1125 and is noted as Caja 37, Exp 10. 
The census appears to have actually started in 1841 (probably late in the year), as noted on the top of image 616 of 1125.  The census is 74 pages long. 
The first page of actual data notes the year 1841, and the last page is dated 31 January 1843. 
This likely means the majority of the census info is likely from the year 1842. 
The census ended up recording 5,532 individuals (4,331 adults and 1,201 chilrden). 
Besides the actual town of Juchipila, other towns noted in this census are: San Sebastian, Animas, Barrio de Abajo, Amotochil, San Nicolas, Tapias, Mesquitera, Por el Otro Lado del Rio, Caballeria, Labor, Aposol, San Miguel, and Coscomita.
The census can be viewed in the menu bar, listed under Census (ages), as long as you are a registered user, which is free. The need to register is only used to prevent spammers from easily accessing the site with garbage information.

Juchipila - Some Backround

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Juchipila was noted in early Spanish records beginning in 1532, and churches were noted in this area as early as 1627.  The Juchipila area was known as a provincia early on (beginning in 1548) and the territory was much larger then current day (see "About Us" on menu bar for more info of the areas once included). 
In 1821 Spain withdrew from Mexico and recognized Mexico as an independent country. 
In 1825 Juchipila became one of the original 11 partido's of Zacatecas. Shortly after this the area known as Juchipila continued to shrink in size, losing it eastern territories to Aguasclientes and then the Northern territory of Villanueva.  Nochistlan was separated in 1852. 
Partidos were abolished in 1916, and Juchipila was divided into the municipalities of Apozol, Juchipila, Moyahua, and Mezquital del Oro. Most of these towns already had major parishes, and all were already well established.  
Juchipila now has just over 12,000 inhabitants, and continues what it did early on with farming and raising cattle at the forefront of the economy.