Real del Oro (now Mezquital del Oro) once part of Southern Juchipila Provincia 

Real del Oro (Mezquital del Oro) - Some Backround

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Real del Oro, also referred to as Real de San Juan del Mezquital, and now Mequital del Oro was founded in 1700 as Real de San Juan del Mezquital and later known as Real del Oro, until 1824 was part of the jurisdiction of Juchipila.  It was also was referred to as Moyotan, Carrizal, Los Ciruelos, Santa Maria Tuichan and La Mesa del Baron.  Gold was discovered in 1700, which gave rise to the area now known as Mezquital del Oro.
Parish records exist starting in 1734, and many are closely associated with Juchipila, Cuquio, and Teul.
Link to Parish records of Mezquital del Oro