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The town was officially founded in 1824, but is listed in various records as far back as 1709, and known as the pueblo of Huanusco. It was primarily associated with Villanueva and Villa del Refugio (Mecatabasco/Tabasco) parish records. 
In 1918, Huanusco was given the status of municipality, being dependent on Villanueva until this time.
Parish records are sparse with Baptism records starting in 1913 and Marriage records starting in 1914.  Prior to this, records are mainly found in either Villa del Refugio (Mecatabasco / Tabasco) or Villanueva.
Civil records for births, deaths, and marriages begin in 1867.
There are census records for the pueblo of Huanusco starting in 1817, under the Tabasco (Mecatabasco) census, with the link included.  Huanusco Padron (Census)